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A Dedicated Public Servant

Serving as a San Francisco Assistant District Attorney for almost 21 years, Kulvindar “Rani” Singh has strived to serve the people of San Francisco each and every day, a concept of selfless service that was passed on to her by her grandmother. From trial work to collaborative court, from juvenile to adult, from policy to management, Rani has had a rich and diverse legal career that has provided a well-rounded perspective and foundation to become a Superior Court Judge.

Born and Raised in the Sunset

Born in San Francisco and raised in an “East Meets West” household, Rani benefited from the best of both worlds, celebrating her rich Punjabi Sikh Heritage, while having opportunities that traditionally women from Indian culture were not afforded. Rani’s paternal grandmother, affectionately known as “Biji”, helped raise Rani and her siblings, instilling a deep sense of selfless service, one of the primary tenets of the Sikh religion. With strong female role models like her grandmother, mother, and three older sisters, Rani had the drive and support to strive for and reach her goals.

Rani’s father, Darshan “Dar” Singh, one of San Francisco's longest-serving Commissioners, came to America as a refugee from the partition of India, seeking an education and a better life, meeting Rani’s mother Olivia when they were both students in the Bay Area. Dar and Olivia raised Rani and her four siblings on 23rd Avenue in the heart of the Sunset District. Rani attended St. Anne’s, Herbert Hoover Middle School, Lincoln High School, City College of San Francisco, and the University of California, Davis. She went on to attend the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, passing the bar at the age of 24. 

With A Passion for Justice

As a Managing Attorney since 2016 for both the Domestic Violence Unit and the Collaborative Courts and Mental Health Units in the District Attorney’s office, Rani has taken a unique and holistic approach to the cases that fill the Hall of Justice. Her unique ability to problem-solve, bring adversaries to the table to collaborate rather than simply litigate, and her inherent passion for doing what is right has led her to run for a Judicial Seat on the Superior Court. Endorsed by former Presiding Judge John Stewart, whose seat she is seeking, she can continue her journey to help her community, each and every-day, by providing a forum for justice, equality, and a place where every person’s voice is heard.

In her early career, Singh’s first litigation was defending the low-income tenants in Berkeley and Oakland from unlawful evictions and protecting their rights in Section 8 housing at Berkeley Community Law Center (now EBCLC). She has carried forward her quest for stable housing for her court participants through her work as Managing Attorney of the Collaborative Courts and Mental Health Unit.

As a Neighborhood Prosecutor she worked with the community and law enforcement to create and implement community strategies to solving problems in the Taraval and Ingleside Districts.

Who Became a Criminal Justice Pioneer

As a trial lawyer, Rani focused on a victim-centered approach while working with some of the most vulnerable victims of both domestic violence and sexual assault. For her work, Rani was awarded a commendation by the Board of Supervisors and from the Commission on the Status of Women. She was also honored with the Modern Day Abolitionist Award from the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking and recognized by the South Asian Bar Association with the annual Public Interest Award for her tireless work in the area of human trafficking. 

Rani has had a diverse career working in the District Attorney’s office. She constantly took opportunities to grow personally and professionally by working in almost every area of the office. In recognition of her accomplishments in the District Attorney’s office, Rani was nominated to serve on the Judicial Council’s State Advisory Committee for Collaborative Courts, which recently published the first statewide judicial toolkit for judges in the area of Human Trafficking.

Rani is regarded throughout the state as a subject matter expert in the areas of Collaborative Courts, Domestic Violence, and Human Trafficking. She serves our local community by creating an internet safety presentation for kids K-8 and created one of the first Middle School Mock Trial Clubs, teaching 6th-8th graders about the justice system.

It was at the Hall of Justice that Rani found her partner in life and in public service, Michael Mann, a Lieutenant in the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. Like Rani, Michael is a native San Franciscan who has dedicated his entire career to treating those involved in the criminal justice system with respect and dignity during a difficult time in their life. They have spent the last fifteen years together serving San Francisco and raising their two daughters who attend school in the Sunset where Rani was raised. 



Rani with her daughters, Jasi and Raveena, and her husband, Mike. 

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Rani has strived to serve the people of San Francisco for over 20 years

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